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After delivery of a healthy baby, new parents return home with their newborn. Over the following days, their baby doesn’t seem quite right. He is hard to wake, his skin and eyes have a yellowish tint, and he has trouble nursing. They take the infant to their pediatrician for a check up, and learn that their baby has severe jaundice. They also learn that it’s too late to treat him – and that their child has suffered irreparable brain damage because of something called “kernicterus.”

A form of brain damage that can attack babies who have newborn jaundice, kernicterus occurs when a substance in the baby’s blood − bilirubin − builds to toxic levels and leaks into the brain tissue.

This event is especially tragic because it is preventable. Is medical negligence to blame? Too often, the answer is yes.

Most newborns have mild jaundice to some degree. The signs of jaundice are well known and treatment is standard procedure. The trouble begins when high bilirubin levels are not immediately monitored and treated.

When levels of bilirubin become excessive and the jaundice becomes severe, a baby can suffer devastating damage to his or her brain and neurological system. Severe cases can end in the child’s death. Babies that survive suffer from a range of disorders including forms of cerebral palsy, hearing and vision loss, developmental impairments and mental retardation.

Ratzan Weissman & Boldt stands ready and able to represent victims of this crippling birth injury throughout Florida and across the United States. In our 20-year history as medical malpractice attorneys, these cases stand out to us because they should never occur.

Kernicterus Information for Parents

All parents need the facts about this birth injury. While it seems there is a whole medical vocabulary to learn, our attorneys answer parents’ most pressing questions in plain language in the articles below. Understand the signs, the symptoms, the treatments, and become proactive in protecting your child’s future.

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Kernicterus Lawyers Take Strong Action

Treatment to prevent kernicterus is readily available. The failure to identify this medical emergency is wholly avoidable. When allowed to go untreated, the result is a lifetime of disabilities, hardship, and long-term medical costs.

Healthcare professionals must be aware of the warning signs of excessive newborn jaundice. Failure to act quickly and properly may mean that they are liable for medical malpractice for harm suffered by the child because of their inaction.

Each family struggling with kernicterus has a unique story and set of challenges. We experience these struggles with them. For these families, our kernicterus injury lawyers work tirelessly to secure the financial compensation they so desperately need to offset their pain and suffering, and the massive costs of caring for a child with brain damage.

We believe in giving a powerful voice to those who would otherwise have none. We believe in seeking and speaking the truth. We crave justice.

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