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Whistleblowers are private citizens who bring legal charges against companies or individuals committing fraud against the United States government.

Whistleblower cases occur when someone tries to “blow the whistle” on those who knowingly cheat the government by the fraudulent use of public funds. In doing so, whistleblowers help the government recover billions of dollars in losses.

The cost of fraud in the U.S. is staggering – upwards of hundreds of millions of dollars every year – and the United States government and taxpayers are all paying for it.

It takes courage to expose fraud.

We are inspired by citizens who are ready to come forth and stop wrongdoing. Our Florida whistleblower attorneys are here to help you with sound legal advice and the skills, experience, and tenacity to help you fight for what is right.

If you have firsthand knowledge that a company or organization is defrauding the government through false claims, contact our Florida whistleblower attorneys to discuss your options for bringing a whistleblower lawsuit.

Whistleblowing – also known as a qui tam action – typically begins when an employee in the work place notices that something is not being done as it should.

  • The hospital bookkeeper discovers two sets of books reporting into the Medicare Program – one for internal use (marked “confidential”) and one to report to the government.
  • An employee, responsible for the testing of components used in military aircraft, becomes aware that required quality assurance tests are being falsified.
  • The pharmaceutical sales rep discovers the illegal practice of offering financial kickback to physicians in exchange for the preferential prescribing of certain company drugs.

Whistleblowers, also referred to as “relators,” may be any private citizen, including former employees, subcontractors, or competitors.

The False Claims Act – Protection and Reward for Whistleblowers

It is vital that people who know about the misuse of federal dollars step forward to put an end to the corruption. As Florida whistleblower attorneys, we understand that the fear of whistleblower retaliation keeps many people silent.

There are powerful protections and incentives in place for people with knowledge of these wrongdoings that allow them to file qui tam actions in the government’s name.

The False Claims Act and similar state laws protect those who report fraud against the government. The Act also provides financial incentives for citizens to hire attorneys and come forward, awarding whistleblowers a share of the proceeds – between 15 and 30% of the government’s total recovery through qui tam litigation.

Our Florida attorneys represent Qui Tam Whistleblowers Nationwide

The government depends upon the involvement of its citizens to expose wrongdoers. Whistleblower cases are actions of good citizenship. Over 80% of qui tam cases currently investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice were initiated by whistleblowers.

At Ratzan Weissman & Boldt, we support and fight for the people, alongside the government, who come forth to expose fraud. Our firm is based in Miami, Florida, yet our attorneys assist people throughout the U.S. in whistleblowing cases.

Examples of fraudulent practices that may serve as the basis for a whistleblower lawsuit

A corporation may defraud the government in many ways, including billing for products or services that were never fulfilled, or providing the government with defective products. The most consistent offenders have been defense contractors, the health care industry, pharmaceutical giants, and research institutions. The list of violations can include

  • Medicare fraud
  • Medicaid fraud
  • Government contractor fraud
  • Medical fraud and medical insurance fraud
  • Pharmaceutical fraud
  • Healthcare fraud
  • Social Security fraud
  • Food safety violations
  • Violations of workplace safety
  • Violations of environmental safety
  • Misuse of government grants

You must use an attorney in order to bring a qui tam action under the False Claims Act. It is highly important to select a qualified attorney for a potential qui tam case. The Florida whistleblower attorneys at Ratzan Weissman & Boldt have significant experience in state and federal qui tam litigation.

Find out if you have a case. Consult with our Florida whistleblower attorneys.

To properly evaluate your claim, you need help. If you are ready to step forward about your knowledge of false claims and stop fraud against the government, please contact the Florida whistleblower attorneys at Ratzan Weissman & Boldt.

We will examine the facts of your case to determine if you have a valid qui tam claim. We will provide you with the legal counsel you need in order to make a fully informed determination of your options.

If your case has merit, we will file the lawsuit under seal to protect your confidentiality. The government will review the case and decide whether to investigate it themselves. If they choose not to, Ratzan Weissman & Boldt may pursue your case independently.

Retaliation for Whistleblowing

Ratzan Weissman & Boldt is proud to help individuals who have suffered punitive actions by an employer after speaking out about violations of the law at their workplace.

If your employer has subjected you to any form of retaliation for whistleblowing such as wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment, threats, or any other employment retaliation action after you reported or protested unlawful conduct, please contact us.

Our consultations are strictly confidential, and you are never under any obligation.