Co-Counsel Your Case. Because Results Matter.

Why co-counsel your case? Because you want the best result for your client.

Perhaps you want another lawyer or law firm to share in the burden of preparing the case. This burden includes both the manpower to do the work and the financial resources to fund the case. To properly prepare a case for the best outcome, manpower needs and case costs can be overwhelming. Sharing this load takes the pressure off of you, and, more importantly helps deliver the best result for your client.

Perhaps you want to add the skill set of a seasoned and dedicated trial team. No defendant or insurance company resolves a case for full settlement value that is prepared for settlement.

Cases resolve for full settlement value because the defendant knows the plaintiff’s trial team will be, or is, prepared for trial, and that the trial team is capable and skilled. Again, your goal is to deliver the best result for your client.

If you want help with your cases, call us to discuss referral and/or co-counsel arrangements. We co-counsel on all types of plaintiffs’ cases throughout the country.

Quality Representation for Other Law Firms

The Miami-based law firm of Ratzan Weissman & Boldt, P.A. is a distinguished leader in the practice of plaintiffs’ medical malpractice and personal injury trial law.

We welcome clients who have been referred to our firm by our peers. Many of our significant cases in both settlements and verdicts originated as referrals from our colleagues. We have a national scope of practice and will accept client referrals from lawyers throughout the United States.

Please use our site to download various legal materials prepared for you by Ratzan Weissman & Boldt, where we discuss and illustrate many critical areas of medical malpractice, personal injury and commercial litigation.

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Although we are located in Miami, injury attorneys at our firm are armed with credentials from thousands of jury and court trials in state and federal courts throughout Florida and the United States. We have extensive trial experience in medical malpractice litigation, dangerous and defective medical devices, drug recalls, product liability, aviation and maritime accidents, and catastrophic auto accidents.

We have successfully fought for those who have been victims of wrongful business activities. Our in-depth knowledge of case histories and health care industry law, personal injury law and commercial law has enabled us to win successful judgments for countless clients.

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When you refer clients to our firm, you can be certain that you are selecting highly reputable trial lawyers with a commitment to excellence and achieving outstanding results.

If you are interested in referring a case to us in any of the practice areas above, please contact our Florida injury attorneys. All referrals and conference requests receive our prompt attention.

We consider it a great honor that law firms place their trust in our firm to represent their clients.

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