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In an effort to share our knowledge and help make our website a resource for those individuals who have been injured through no fault of their own, Ratzan Law Group has prepared the following videos and special reports at no cost to our readers. Be sure to visit our online Article Index for more free legal advice and information.

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Signing an “Informed Consent”: What does it mean?


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Florida’s Statute of Limitations: How much time do I have?

Disclaimer: This video is based only on Florida law. If you are considering a claim in a state other than Florida, please call us immediately so we can advise you appropriately on the laws for your state.

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What are Florida’s “Damage Caps”? Are they constitutional?


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Three (3) do’s & don’ts when you suspect that your loved one has been injured by medical malpractice

(1) Do politely cease communications with the doctor, nurse or any health care provider who you suspect is guilty of medical malpractice. Please note: Any advice to cease communications with your healthcare provider or hospital should be based upon prior legal advice from your attorney to do so. But before you hire an attorney, if there is a chance to work things out satisfactorily without lawyer involvement, that is the better course for you. It is rare but it is better for you. If you believe that you can work it out with the health care provider or hospital, then we could help you do that, and minimize or maybe eliminate any unnecessary adversity. …Just know we are here to help you. (2) Don’t sign anything without an attorney’s help. (3) Do ask for our advice. It is FREE.

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