Afternoon break for a South Beach Food Tour

South Beach Food Tour

RLG Team takes afternoon break for a South Beach Food Tour

On Wednesday July 11, RLG closed its office for the afternoon to enable the team to take part in a South Beach Food & Walking Tour! Starting at Bolivar, the group was able to sample some of Miami’s finest delicacies in nine eclectic, amazing restaurants. From the most quaint little bakery run by a Colombian family (Charlotte’s – for empanadas) to a very high-end bistro (Miami Beach Café & Restaurant – black & white décor with red accents and the most amazing chandelier) where the staff created fabulous strawberry ice-cream using nitrogen, the entire outing was a feast for the eyes and the stomachs. Guide Mirka was extremely knowledgeable about the area’s history, Art Deco style and the culture of the numerous ethnic groups that “make up Miami.” The tour ended with gelato in Espanola Way, a beautiful pedestrian street. Swoop Miami carried the team back to the parking area in their open air cars. Comments received were that it was surprisingly fun and entertaining!

Clockwise left to right: – Stuart Weissman, Jessica Rivero, Adlyn Huertas, Nadean Stone, Miriam Perez, Jenny Montes, William Faison, Cesar Veras, Daryl Bloomberg, Dannays Fernandez, Shady Pardo

If you are interested in a guided tour and free transport from Swoop Miami visit both companies below.


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