RWB is proud to announce that Attorney Kimberly Boldt was recently featured in an article published by

This profile was published as part of Kimberly's recognition by the Daily Business Review for the 2022 Florida Legal Awards.

In the Q&A, Kimberly shares her insight on the secret ingredients for effective mentoring, the most important leadership lesson she's learned, and best practices for how people can stay connected to a key mentor. She also shares best tactics for when you're looking to implement a new system or process and the importance of explaining the need for it, how it works, and its benefits, because "the 'because-I-said-so' approach doesn’t lead to lasting change." 

Some highlights from the Q+A are below:

What’s the most important leadership lesson you’ve learned and why is it so valuable? "Learning to listen. It was particularly important in my specialty, which is appellate practice. When a lawyer contacts me for help with a particular legal issue, it is important to hear the whole context of the problem they are facing even though I may feel like I know the answer right away."

When trying to obtain buy-in for something new or sustaining, what tactics work for you? "Homework and attention to detail. If you are looking to implement a new system or process, being able to clearly explain the need for the system, how the system works and the benefits of it will help your team buy in. The “because-I-said-so” approach doesn’t lead to lasting change."

You can read the full article on here.