Congratulations to William Dillon, the Florida man who was recently awarded $1.35 million by the Florida legislature in a claims bill designed to compensate him.  It turns out William Dillon spent almost 30 years, that's three decades, in a Florida prison for a crime he did not commit.  The State of Florida wasted the best years of Mr. Dillon's life.  And for that, Mr. Dillon will receive $1.35 million (actually less than that because he will have to pay his team of lawyers their hard earned, and much deserved fees).  I congratulate Mr. Dillon and his attorneys for their courage and their hard work.  I do not intend to criticize them or him in any way.  But $1.35 million?  That's it?  For almost destroying a man's life?  It does not seem fair.  It is not enough.  The State can, and should, do better for victims like Mr. Dillon.  The legislature did a fine job making all of us believe it was acting with magnanimity and bravery by conferring this award on Mr. Dillon.  But the State is misleading us.  The legislature did less than the bare minimum for Mr. Dillon.  He deserves several times more than what he got.  I wish him well, and I honor the work of his attorneys, but the Florida legislature should not congratulate itself on this paltry stab at justice.

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