Following the unfortunate recent parasailing death and injuries in the Florida Keys, Stuart Ratzan is featured as an expert source in the following story in the Daily Business Review/ The article focuses on the recent parasailing accident in the Florida Keys and the enforceability of liability waivers.

In the article, Stuart discusses why someone who does not know how to operate a parasail should not be given a waiver that eliminates all responsibility from the parasailing company, noting how: “It's stomach-turning to believe that a waiver would absolve an entity like this parasailing incident from such gross negligence.” 

Stuart is also quoted speaking about the direct impact a jury system has by imposing financial accountability to harm that's done: “It will never bring this beautiful young mother back, nor will it fix the damages done to the child or family, but it will do the best thing a law can do which is try to make them whole and create full compensation for the family. In doing so, you can create accountability and prevent this from happening again..."

Read the full story in Daily Business Review/ here.