High Volume Doesn't Always Mean Better

When seeking legal representation, many people are led to believe that a large law firm is the best choice. More staff, more offices, and more cases is a good thing, right? Unfortunately, this isn't always the case and oftentimes, the opposite is true.

A high-volume law firm is one that handles hundreds, if not thousands of cases each year. In the practice of law, more cases doesn't always mean better representation. Firms that intentionally limit the number of cases they work on do so for good reasons. This allows a firm to more effectively devote their resources (for example time, energy, staff, and monetary resources) to best represent you.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you or a loved one due to personal injury or death is a major decision that should not be taken lightly. Choose a firm that you feel has your best interests in mind from day one. Be careful if the firms you're speaking with boast about how many cases their law firm handles, as there is only so much time in a day. You want to make sure your attorney has an appropriate amount of time and resources to best represent your interests. 

This is the premis in which Ratzan Weissman & Boldt was founded on. We are very selective in our case selection process and truly believe this sets us apart from many of the rest. We choose to represent a limited number of people each year, knowing that we'll be able to invest whatever is necessary for each and every one of our clients, providing them the best legal representation that we possibly can.

Focus Groups

One of the areas in which a law firm can (and should) determine the strong (and weak) points of any given case is through the use of focus groups. Focus groups can require a significant investment on a law firms behalf-they take time, research, and overall investment in a case, to conduct.

Recently, Law.com published an article about how "Small Firms Can Handle 'Megamatters' With Flair", in which founding partner Stuart Ratzan was interviewed. In the article, Stuart mentions he's found focus group testing to be an invaluable part of the successful results he's obtained for his clients.

"[Focus groups are the] greatest way to assess what risk we should take and what we shouldn't, then, once you've done your homework, stick to your guns."

"Don't fold your tent. Stand your ground. If you've researched it and you understand that the case has tremendous value and they're trying to settle it off cheap, even if cheap is a large number if it's not right for the case it's not right for you or your client, then do your job." 

"No firm can become “mega” without first mastering the basics and “doing an A-plus job.”