A medical condition due to excessive bilirubin in newborn infants, Kernicterus is a devastating disease that results in brain injury or death when untreated jaundice damages the brain and other organs. But Kernicterus should be eliminated from modern life. Current medical technology is capable of detecting bilirubin levels in infant blood, capable of identifying genetic markers predisposing infants to Kernicterus, and capable of treating and eradicating hyperbilirubinemia (high bilirubin in blood) before it ever reaches the point of Kernicterus. In sum, when a baby is diagnosed with Kernicterus, the overwhelming probabilities are that there has been some degree of neglect, presumably medical malpractice, in the care and treatment of the newborn child. We know this first hand from our experience as trial lawyers. The consequences of this neglect can be catastrophic, while the treatment needed to avoid Kernicterus are basic blood tests and lighting lamps or sunshine. Let's all hope and pray that we can eliminate this devastating disease for all time!