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At Ratzan Weissman & Boldt, we don’t believe that any amount of money can adequately atone for a birth injury. Yet if your child has been hurt by a medical failure, you must choose a law firm that can protect your family’s rights, safety, and welfare.

You need a firm that has the legal and medical resources, expertise, and the commitment essential to successfully pursue a birth injury claim. We can help you sort through the most complicated issues to reveal the root cause of what happened, helping you determine if you have a medical malpractice claim involving cerebral palsy. 

Because lives are at stake, negligent doctors, hospitals and staff must be held to the highest standards and must be held accountable. It’s their job to protect us all; it’s what they’re paid to do. Many of them do this everyday with excellence. Unfortunately, some do not. As a victim, you have the legal right and the urgent need for just and fair compensation and the power to hold those who have caused harm accountable.

Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit

In some cases, cerebral palsy is caused by unpreventable birth complications and genetic mutations. However, medical negligence can also be the cause of this devastating birth injury. If medical negligence is the cause, filing a lawsuit and having the responsible parties be held accountable by paying for their errors can help you and your family fund expenses related to the injury including ongoing medical care and treatment, rehabilitation and therapy for your child, attendant care and home adaptations to improve their quality of life. Additionally, the lawsuit can provide you with the compensation that you and your child deserve for any emotional and physical suffering.

Medical Negligence and Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy can result from medical negligence during the time surrounding the birth of a baby. These acts can include failing to properly monitor the baby and or the mother, failing to recognize risky conditions, failing to take actions to prevent injury, and the improper performance of a procedure. Whatever the circumstance, our expert cerebral palsy attorneys can help you file a claim if your child was injured due to negligent care to you or your baby. 

What Our Clients Say

From my first phone call to that office up until the end of my case, I felt lucky to have such a strong team on my side fighting for justice for me. They truly cared about me as a person. They treated me like family. RWB Client
I was extremely satisfied with the offices of RWB. They obtained a successful recovery for my accident. I felt they cared about me and really wanted to help me. They fought for justice to be fair compensation for the negligence I experienced.

Yo quedé muy satisfecho con la representación del bufete de Ratzan. Ellos adquieron un buen resultado para Mi accidente. Yo me sentí que ellos realmente querián aydarme a recibir un monto justo para el Los daños que me occurrieron.
RWB Client
Mr. Ratzan took on my case and helped me finalize a fair amount of compensation for me and my girls. I can’t thank him enough. He and his firm fought relentlessly to obtain a successful result and they really care about their clients. I was extremely satisfied with his representation for my case. RWB Client
What I liked most about working with the law firm of Stuart Ratzan was his professionalism and his working team, excellent people as the human beings they are. I saw the human being in him, not just as a lawyer, but as a human being who felt the pain that I was experiencing at that time. It is one of those things that most impacted my life and for that, I am very grateful. RWB Client
Ratzan and his firm are patient and explain the process to you as you go along. When I didn’t have a ride to get to the office, they had a driver pick me up. It was so comforting to know that they were taking care of me, taking the burden off my shoulders. RWB Client
I felt that emotional support. I felt like they were saying "Don't worry, we are going to fight, we are going to protect you, we are going to get justice for you". All the emotional part, I felt it, I felt it was very, very humane. RWB Client
One of the main takeaways from the experience I had from the law firm of Stuart Ratzan, one was his professionalism, and the other part was knowing that it was a difficult case [that] they always did their best to make sure that this case was resolved. They were always very clear about any questions our family had regarding the case. RWB Client
Working with the Stuart Ratzan team, we wife and I, we were living through a hard time, a dark time in our lives for us, working with the law firm was very...hopeful, and we had faith that our case was going to be solved, that justice was going to be done and we felt very protected, we felt that we were in good hands. RWB Client
One of the things that most impacted me in working with the law firm of Stuart Ratzan was his empathy with my case. I know that as lawyers, they have to understand our case, but it was something very special because they lived through that stage of mine, that process and they were very respectful to me in that stage of pain and everything I was living through, and I could see his human side as a lawyer and as a law firm that they are. RWB Client
What I learned from the case over the period of about 2-3 years that it took, when I felt sometimes that I just wanted to give up and forget about it- there were too many things, what I came to learn is that the process and the extent of the investigations, the research that was done, the experts that were brought in, it gave me a full sense of what really happened with my Son that night. That brings me a lot of comfort, that I got to know exactly what happened and we got justice. RWB Client
I feel very fortunate that my family was able to work with Ratzan Weissman & Boldt as our attorneys during our family’s case. Throughout our case they treated our family with sensitivity, respect and kindness. Going through a malpractice lawsuit can be very emotional on a family, and they always understood and supported us. We never questioned any of the process because we knew they had our family’s very best interest at heart and wanted justice for our son. RWB Client
During the worst time in my life, and after losing my son, the Ratzan team embraced me and my family. They actually became my family. I received excellent, professional and warm support from them to which I am very grateful. RWB Client
They gave us an explanation and they were very respectful in the way that they treated the manner that I had lost my son and my wife was in very delicate health conditions. They were very respectful in touching on every topic regarding my family, and also the empathy that they had with our case, that I know them and their team of lawyers and their assistants, and they always showed us love, that understanding towards us and our family. RWB Client
Q: How was the hiring process? A: It was very easy, we had a meeting and since that first meeting he [Stuart] was very accessible, and I had no doubt I was in the right hands, and in the case of my family, I had no doubt about it from the first meeting I had with him. RWB Client
I am a witness that they did the impossible to search every detail, every piece of evidence in our case, and we truly felt like it was a great blessing to have them as our lawyers and know that they were fighting for our case. RWB Client
As a result of the efforts made by the law firm, it was possible for us to close that chapter in life. It was possible because of all that work that we were able to come to an agreement of a trial and the case was closed, and we received closure on that very sad stage of our life. RWB Client
I, and my whole family, feel that we are blessed that RWB represented us during the most tragic time of our lives. They helped facilitate the legal process in a very professional manner. I always felt their support and protection. I have no words as to how satisfied I am not only with their legal services but also with the case results.

Yo, y toda mi familia, nos senitmos muy benedicidos que ésta firma de RWB nos representaron en un tiempo muy trájico en mi vida. Ellos me ayudaron con el proceso legal muy profesionalmente y muy humanamente. Siempre sentí que ellos me apollaban y me protegían y yo quedé muy satisfecho con los servicios legales y los resultados de mi caso.
RWB Client
I remember the deposition [where] one of the [defense] lawyers asked me "how much money would satisfy you"? This is really not about money and it wasn't about money for Stuart, I realized that - it was really about justice. This is what the trial afforded us - going through the process and getting justice. RWB Client
Ratzan and his firm are patient and explain the process to you as you go along. When I didn’t have a ride to get to the office, they had a driver pick me up. It was so comforting to know that they were taking care of me, taking the burden off my shoulders. RWB Client
I felt that the law firm of Stuart Ratzan, that they were investing their time in my case because, even though it was quite a complex case, very difficult, and we were battling with very powerful and large companies, they dedicated their time and resources to look for even the smallest detail. They put all their efforts, all their experience as lawyers, to find a way out, to find a way towards justice in our case. RWB Client
At one of the most uncertain times in our lives, we reached out to Ratzan law firm. They helped us uncover the truth and fought for our son so that he could get the care he needed due to medical negligence. Ratzan and Weissman were responsive and attentive to our case and working with them, on behalf of our son, was positive and rewarding. RWB Client
The first takeaway for me was Stuart's need to understand who we were and what my family was about. He actually came to the island [my home] for about three days to visit to get to know who my Son's friends were. He met his Godmother, he went to my Son's school, and we went to the cemetery to see the grave. To me, that was unbelievable, that an attorney would want to be part of who we were to really understand who it was that he was fighting for. RWB Client
Mr. Ratzan and everyone his firm were kind and understanding about what I was going through. They held my hand through the whole process and really made everything as easy as possible. Stuart Ratzan did not just represent me, he defended me and not just the case. RWB Client
He made me feel that he really cared about me as a person and understood what I went through. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that Stuart Ratzan and his firm gave their all to obtain fair compensation for me. I believe they are the best at what they do. RWB Client
What I liked most was the way in which Stuart embraced us, the way in which he made us feel welcomed and that we were the only clients he had. You just got that feeling, you came to the office or you called him he was never too busy, he was never not available. Every single question he would ask you for your decision, he would want to clarify things, he was constantly back and forth telling you what the next steps were-totally transparent, there was not one decision he made without asking for your opinion. RWB Client
Stuart and his firm, and I'm adding his firm - not just Stuart - every single member of his staff treated me and my family, or whoever talked to him on my behalf as if they were Every single member of his staff - and that has gone on, it didn't just end when the case ended, it still continues, our relationship with the firm. RWB Client
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What is "Medical Negligence"?

Medical negligence occurs when a health professional fails to meet the standard level of care expected of them. If your child has developed cerebral palsy due to any of the following, you may have a cerebral palsy negligence claim:

Failure to perform a C-section in a timely fashion

  • When an unborn baby is experiencing conditions that are causing inadequate oxygen delivery, a C-section may be the safest way to prevent any brain damage. These conditions include problems with the placenta, maternal bleeding, or problems with the umbilical cord. A C-section allows the rapid delivery of a baby so that they can breathe on their own without needing oxygen from the mother. In this situation, a medical professional must recognize the need for a C-section and may have only minutes to deliver the baby. Failure to recognize this need and to timely deliver the baby may give rise to a claim for negligence resulting in cerebral palsy.

Failure to monitor fetal heart rate patterns

  • During labor, it is the responsibility of doctors, nurses and other medical professionals to ensure the baby is safe prior to, during, and after the delivery. Monitoring a baby’s heart rate pattern during labor using a fetal heart monitor is critical as these patterns assure that the baby’s brain is receiving adequate oxygen. Failure to monitor the health of the baby during labor may lead to liability if this failure led to missing conditions that resulted in injury to the baby.  

Inadequate response to fetal distress

  • During labor, numerous causes may lead to inadequate oxygen delivery to the baby. The fetal heart monitor provides signs of these conditions by showing non-reassuring patterns exhibited by the baby. If these patterns are not recognized or not acted upon in a timely manner, permanent injury to the baby’s brain may occur. These actions are below the standard of care and may give rise to liability and your claim for negligence for injury to your baby.
What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a permanent injury to the brain that can result in a variety of complications. These include a person’s capacity to communicate, learn, see, hear, or move and maintain balance and posture. It is a group of disorders, and one of the most common causes of motor disabilities in childhood. The primary cause is abnormal brain development or damage to the immature brain, often before, during or just after birth.

What are Signs of Cerebral Palsy?

Signs of cerebral palsy can vary from severe to mild, with some children not displaying any signs until later in their infancy. These symptoms can include:

  • Stiff muscles and exaggerated reflexes
  • Variations in muscle tone, i.e., too stiff or too floppy
  • Stiff muscles with normal reflexes
  • Lack of balance or muscle coordination
  • Slow, writhing movements
  • Delays in reaching motor skills milestones
  • Difficulties with fine motor skills
  • Difficulty walking or crawling
  • Tremors or involuntary movements
  • Difficulty swallowing, excessive drooling, problems with sucking or eating
  • Delays in speech and / or learning difficulties
  • Problems with sight or hearing
  • Seizures

When a child has cerebral palsy, the signs will vary. The severity will depend on the degree and location of brain injury in each case. If your child has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and the cause was the result of medical malpractice, you may have a cerebral palsy negligence claim.

What can Florida families recover with a Cerebral Palsy Negligence Claim?

In these types of cases, with the assistance of an experienced cerebral palsy attorney, families can obtain compensation for various damages. This can help with all the costs associated with the care of a child with cerebral palsy such as:

  • Medical and surgical professional visits
  • Hospital care
  • Surgical procedures
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Recreational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Adaptive home renovations such as wheelchair ramps
  • Medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, braces and other orthotics
  • Verbal aids
  • Visual and hearing aids
  • Special education
  • Medications 

Each state sets their own laws. In Florida in particular, you and your loved ones are able to recover compensation for future living costs, predicted lost salaries, loss of quality of life, pain and suffering, and a loss of companionship. 

Note that there is a time limit on when you can make a claim in Florida. There is a statute of limitations and your lawsuit must be filed within two years of the time the cerebral palsy was diagnosed or discovered. In some cases, this statute may be extended to three years.  In no case however, will the claim be allowed four years after the date of the  injury regardless of when it was diagnosed.

Professional Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Here to Help You

Professional Cerebral Palsy Attorneys Here to Help You

The intricacies of a cerebral palsy lawsuit can be complicated, particularly in establishing a direct link between the healthcare providers’ negligence and the resultant cerebral palsy. It is crucial therefore that you and your family seek the legal counsel of the experienced birth injury attorneys at Ratzan, Weissman & Boldt. 

We have over 80 combined years of experience with birth injury and cerebral palsy cases, successfully proving medical negligence as the cause in numerous cases. Our priority is to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve to secure your family’s financial future and to hold the healthcare providers responsible and fully accountable.

Our practice is contingency fee based, meaning there are no costs to you unless we win your case via a favorable settlement or jury verdict.

To have your case reviewed, please fill out our online form here, or call us at (305) 374-6366. All initial consultations are free of charge. Contact us today to learn if you may have a valid medical malpractice claim involving cerebral palsy. 

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