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Our personal injury attorneys understand that life is a mutually beneficial two-way street. To give back to our clients, community and colleagues, we offer this portion of our website as a free service to consumers and attorneys.
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For those in need, the most important free resource we can offer is our complimentary evaluation of your case. If you have been severely injured as a result of catastrophic negligence or wrongful misconduct, do not hesitate. Please get the legal help you need by requesting a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys.

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We know that people suffering from injuries caused by medical malpractice and negligence have many questions. Our personal injury attorneys have assembled a library of videos, articles and other materials that give much-needed answers.
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We hope you find our resources helpful in your time of need and long into the future. Our practical information will be instrumental in helping you make informed decisions about what to do when dealing with hospitals, doctors, insurance companies, and when seeking legal counsel, as well as becoming your go-to guide for meeting many other challenges you will face.

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We publish The Verdict with our promise to deliver timely, valuable information for consumers and attorneys alike. As leaders in the legal industry, the personal injury attorneys at Ratzan Law Group frequently contribute articles to legal journals and consumer publications, and are invited speakers at seminars throughout Florida. Our newsletter is another venue that enables us to share our thoughts and experiences.

Articles published in our newsletter will present important legal topics as well as our unique perspective and observations on personal injury, medical negligence and litigation issues that challenge both consumers and lawyers.

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Online Articles by Our Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have suffered severe injury or harm through the negligence of others, you are most likely faced with a host of unanswered questions about your options and your rights. You can find many answers in the free online articles we offer here.

Practicing Attorneys: Free Resources

The key to developing and presenting an effective case in any complex litigation is thorough research and legal expertise. Considering the multiple facets of personal injury and medical malpractice litigation, this is often a difficult process.

Please use our site to download various legal materials prepared for you by Ratzan Law Group, where we discuss and illustrate many critical areas of medical malpractice, personal injury and commercial law. Our library of attorney information includes summaries, samples, forms, video animations and various other sources. We hope you will find them to be a great benefit to your legal practice.

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