John Doe, a 70-year substitute teacher in South Florida went to his chiropractor after a round of golf because he felt a sharp pain in his neck followed by pins and needles in his right hand. The chiropractor adjusted his neck and sent him home, but the pain persisted. After returning to the chiropractor the next day for another adjustment, Mr. Doe felt his right side go weak and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital and diagnosed with a spinal cord injury. As a result, Mr. Doe was rendered a functional quadriplegic, ventilator-dependent, unable to void and requires the use of a feeding tube. He has had several surgeries and continues to receive treatment in hopes of some sense of recovery.

The plaintiff brought a medical malpractice lawsuit alleging the injuries were caused by an improper adjustment to his neck, stating also that the chiropractor should have ordered an MRI or sent Mr. Doe to a neurological specialist when he returned for the second adjustment, and the delay in treatment caused the permanent injuries. The case was settled for $1 million (total of all insurance available).

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