Jane Doe (a registered nurse at the hospital where the malpractice was committed) came to the hospital complaining of severe stomach pain. She was admitted for observation by the nursing staff. The physician and nurses negligently missed the signs and symptoms that suggested Jane Doe required immediate surgical intervention. 39 hours later, her condition was finally diagnosed and she was rushed to surgery.

Due to the delay, Jane Doe lost four and a half feet of her bowel leaving her incontinent for life.

This case was settled for $900,000.

There was also a second act of malpractice that had not been resolved. Upon readmission to this same hospital two weeks later, Jane Doe was overdosed on an anticoagulant. As a result of the overdose, she developed a bleed that for two days compressed on her sciatic nerve causing her to have permanent sciatic neuropathy. She can now only walk with the assistance of a cane and developed complex regional pain syndrome.

The case went to trial, and after 2 weeks the jury was hung. The case is scheduled to be re-tried in December 2011.

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