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Reflections on a Year in the Life of a Trial Lawyer
  Another year comes to a close this month. For the Ratzan Law Group, this has been an emblematic year in the life of our trial lawyers. We had our ups and our downs, our successes and failures. We took risks on behalf of our clients, and most of them proved successful. We successfully battled one of the largest transnational companies in the world. We secured favorable settlements on behalf of our clients. We lost one trial. We gave back to our community with money and with time. We fought on behalf of our colleagues. We supported a dear friend fighting breast cancer. And we celebrated life. It was a good year. We achieved, we prevailed, we fell short. We felt joy. We felt pain. We are left with a feeling of great satisfaction, but also a feeling that we can do more and we can do better. We love that feeling because we think it drives us to be our best.

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Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation
Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation In the last quarter century, few philanthropists have undertaken more global burdens than former U.S President William Jefferson Clinton. With great pleasure, Stuart and Mycki Ratzan attended a fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation on November 4th, 2013 cordially hosted by Paul Cejas, the Clinton-appointed Ambassador to Belgium. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Bill Clinton led the list of distinguished guests. The fundraiser was a magnificent success; and in addition to the great company, guests enjoyed the opportunity to help sustain this innovative foundation.

The Clinton’s Foundation was established in 2001 with a stated mission to “strengthen the capacity of people throughout the world to meet the challenges of global interdependence, which include health security, economic empowerment, leadership development and citizen services.” The Clinton foundation asks “How are we going to change our good intentions into real changes?” With the support of its funders, this foundation has implemented novel projects to remedy the challenges facing inhabitants of all corners of the globe. From implementation of rural health system in Liberia to expanding entrepreneurship opportunities to small businesses in Cartagena, Colombia. Much like the aforementioned examples, the Clinton foundation has countless other projects on the ground to provide real people, real solutions, real time.

Ratzan Law Group Big Game Tailgate Party 2013
  On September 7, 2013, Ratzan Law Group hosted its 6th Annual Big Game Tailgate Party at Sun Life Stadium where the University of Miami Hurricanes played host to the in-state rival University of Florida Gators. Just to sweeten an already exciting day, the Hurricanes beat the Gators 21-16! GO ‘CANES!

The annual big game college football tailgate party is RLG’s signature event! As is the norm when we get together, we enjoyed a terrific day with great company and excellent food. What more could you ask for? Despite the abundance of Gator fans, our hometown Hurricanes weathered the storm, literally and figuratively. As part of the festivities a delicious breakfast was catered for our esteemed legal colleagues, judges, politicians, friends and family. We would like to thank all of you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you all next year.

Ratzan Law Group Big Game Tailgate Party 2013
  Tailgate Party 2013

  Tailgate Party 2013

  Tailgate Party 2013

Co-Counsel your case. Because results matter!
  Why co-counsel your case? Because you want the best result for your client.

Perhaps you want another lawyer or law firm to share in the burden of preparing the case. This burden includes both the manpower to do the work and the financial resources to fund the case. To properly prepare a case for the best outcome, manpower needs and case costs can be overwhelming. Sharing this load takes the pressure off of you, and, more importantly helps deliver the best result for your client.

Perhaps you want to add the skill set of a seasoned and dedicated trial team. No defendant or insurance company resolves a case for full settlement value that is prepared for settlement. Cases resolve for full settlement value because the defendant knows the plaintiff's trial team will be, or is, prepared for trial, and that the trial team is capable and skilled. Again, your goal is to deliver the best result for your client.

If you want help with your cases, call us to discuss referral and/or co-counsel arrangements. We co-counsel on all types of plaintiffs' cases throughout the country.

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