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Our purpose is a safer and more equitable world for consumers and patients.
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Public Safety | Issue: Fall 2014

- Ratzan Law Group Prevails in Jury Trial; Holds Miami Hospital Accountable
   for Violating Patient Safety Rules
- Ratzan Law Group Announces Stuart J. Weissman Named Partner
- Ratzan Law Group Hosts its 7th Annual Tailgate Party GO CANES!
Co-Counsel your case. Because results matter!
  Why co-counsel your case? Because you want the best result for your client.

Perhaps you want another lawyer or law firm to share in the burden of preparing the case. This burden includes both the manpower to do the work and the financial resources to fund the case. To properly prepare a case for the best outcome, manpower needs and case costs can be overwhelming. Sharing this load takes the pressure off of you, and, more importantly helps deliver the best result for your client.

Perhaps you want to add the skill set of a seasoned and dedicated trial team. No defendant or insurance company resolves a case for full settlement value that is prepared for settlement. Cases resolve for full settlement value because the defendant knows the plaintiff's trial team will be, or is, prepared for trial, and that the trial team is capable and skilled. Again, your goal is to deliver the best result for your client.

If you want help with your cases, call us to discuss referral and/or co-counsel arrangements. We co-counsel on all types of plaintiffs' cases throughout the country.

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